Beef stroganoff €8.50pp

dish of sautéed pieces of beef served in a red wine sauce with smetana (sour cream)

Cottage pie €5.50pp

Beef mince cooked in a rich roast gravy, vegetables & with a crust of creamy mashed potato.

Lasagne €5.50pp

The ultimate homemade lasagne, made with beef, fresh pasta, Italian mozzarella and creamy béchamel. Delicious.

Thai beef red curry €5.50pp

Cooked with red curry paste, fresh chili, coconut milk, green and red bell pepper, fresh basil, palm sugar, fish sauce.

JT’s Guinness stew €6pp

Tenderized Irish Beef braised in a thick gravy enhanced by the incredible flavour from Guinness, served with champ potato.